Translation for fashion, beauty, food & beveragewine

Translating communication and marketing texts with an engaging style that captures the emotional value of the original calls for particular expertise on the part of the translator.

This is particularly true in the following sectors:

exporting products and their translation

Centoservizi has a long-established tradition of working with many brands in the fashion, Made in Italy, and textile industries. We translate texts for press releases, press kits and look-books for fashion shows, trade fairs and press conferences, fashion editorials, presentations of seasonal trends, events and store openings, product and technical specifications for garment manufacturing. We identify the translator most stylistically suited to rendering every nuance of meaning with great sensitivity.

Centoservizi will help you select the translator who is best able to reflect your corporate and brand identity and embody it in his or her style of writing.

Translators in these sectors must be able to guarantee an interpretation that is faithful to the original, and at the same time convey the author’s ideas, subtle nuances and mood in the target language.

Excellent re-writing skills are needed that respect the intentions of the original text, and a knowledge of the cultural and lexical customs of the target audience to whom the nuances of the message are aimed.

The specific aspects of the sector language are not to be underestimated. The description of an haute couture dress or a handbag cannot do without specific terms that have to blend seamlessly with an evocative, engaging text. All it takes is one inappropriate term in the translation to strip the text of its charm and deprive the brand of its identity. For this reason our translators give great consideration to the personality and hallmarks of the fashion, accessories and beauty brands with which we work.

A similar balance between technical accuracy and the capacity to maintain the mood of the text is necessary when translating texts for the food & wine industry, in which describing a wine guide or telling the history of a wine or a territory is a great stylistic test for our translators. Texts for home design and furnishings, a sector in which we frequently work during the Salone del Mobile, also require comprehensive knowledge of terminology and accuracy in details.

Technical-scientific translations

In addition to a perfect knowledge of the source language and their mother-tongue target language, familiarity with the sector terminology is an essential skill for professional translators dealing with technical texts or texts specific to a particular industry. Centoservizi has almost thirty years’ experience in technical translations for various industries, including:

  • IT
  • chemical-pharmaceutical
  • energy
  • transport
  • construction
  • automotive
  • financial
  • legal

We carry out translations in compliance with current quality procedures and international standards and translate technical product sheets, specifications, certificates, instruction and maintenance manuals for industrial machinery, safety specifications and technical standards. We are experts in the translation of technical manuals, and can also offer a publishing service using InDesign.

Translations for financial, business and legal sectors

We work with highly sensitive documents and deeds: financial statements and accompanying reports, articles of association, patents, corporate governance reports and contracts that require a translator with extensive knowledge of the subject matter.

Texts for the web, social media and the publishing industry

We are experts in translations for the web in compliance with SEO criteria. Our professionals interface with clients’ web marketing experts to preserve keywords and their synonyms in the translation into the target language, and are careful to maintain the original intentions of the message and the readability of the text necessary for use on the web.

There is a rapidly growing request for translations for social networks, where faithfulness to the original message has to be combined with an agile and immediate style, with high appeal phrases and slogans, to obtain an effective impact on the reader.

In the advertising and marketing fields we use translators who are experts in translation and creative adaptation, which entails rewriting the text in a foreign language suited to a different culture and does not observe the rules of the literal translation. Fundamental in advertising and marketing, creative translation often uses copywriters, who operate in the target languages most requested by the sector, and also generate expressions that are very different from the original but perfectly appropriate and effective in conveying the original concepts.

Centoservizi has many years of experience in translations for the publishing industry: articles, reviews, advertorials and entire magazines and cultural and tourist guides are translated following the original meaning as closely as possible and with a fluent journalistic style.

Translations for: SEO, WordPress, YOAST, Magento, Prestashop