Centoservizi has a dedicated interpreting division.

The selection of interpreters follows the same standards as for translators but is focused on professionals specialised in interpreting and with significant experience in the field.

We provide essential interpreting support for international conferences, fairs, and confidential commercial negotiations, meetings with lawyers and notaries and corporate visits.

We offer various kinds of interpreting services, according to your needs:

We offer different kinds of services based on your needs:

  • Negotiation interpreting for commercial meetings, work meetings, stipulation of contracts, visits of foreign delegations to companies, fairs;
  • Simultaneous interpreting for meetings, seminars, conferences;
  • Consecutive interpreting for press conferences or small meetings;
  • Chuchotage (translation whispered simultaneously into the ear of the listener) for small groups

At the time the estimate is made, we will help you identify the type of interpreting most suited to the situation, and we will ask you for information material to allow the interpreter to prepare for the context in which he or she will support you.

Contattaci senza impegno, una traduzione di qualità può davvero aiutare il tuo mercato a crescere verso nuovi orizzonti!