A certified (sworn) translation is a document with legal value translated into another language so that it also preserves its legal value in the translation. Certification is necessary in all cases where official certification is required from the translator stating that the translated text corresponds to the original one. It is required for various types of documents such as contracts, corporate documents, notary deeds, diplomas, certificates.


After a translation has been certified, if necessary, the certified (sworn) document is legalised, at the offices of the Public Prosecutor. This entails the issuing of a document signed by the public officer to guarantee the legal quality of the translation and also the authenticity of the signature itself. The document to be certified is composed of the original text with the relevant translation and the certificate of oath, bound together to form one single document.

sworn translations of legal documents for practices abroad
What is a translation? Translation is an activity that includes the interpretation of the meaning of a text and the subsequent production of a new text, equivalent to that of origin, in another language …. (Source: Wikipedia)