Italy is a country of excellence in the food & beverage industry

Italy is recognised for its excellence in the wine sector. Some of the most important events in the wine sector are held in Italy with the participation of world famous brands. This is why it is essential to have language services available of an adequate level provided by qualified and competent personnel.

Globalisation: It is time for specialised translations

The world stage is experiencing the advance of the so-called “emerging countries” in the wine sector such as Russia, China, Asia and the middle-eastern countries. It can be difficult to find language services that can effectively communicate with the operators of these countries.

The importance of a translation service specialised in the wine industry is obvious. Centoservizi Traduzioni is able to supply it!

For many of our clients we are currently translating wine labels and press releases for the next fairs in the sector.

Other services

Centoservizi Traduzioni also provides a multilingual page layout service and printing of material in hard copy through external printing businesses.

Contattaci senza impegno, una traduzione di qualità può davvero aiutare il tuo mercato a crescere verso nuovi orizzonti!