Centoservizi’s method for an accurate translation

Translating a text into a foreign language is an extremely serious responsibility. The client entrusts us with the task of preserving the integrity of the content from the technical, scientific, commercial, communicative and advertising point of view, retaining in the target language all the expressive nuances accurately chosen in the source language. The client who has ordered the translation often does not know the target language. This is why a relationship of trust is necessary with the translation agency, which guarantees the competence and accuracy of its team of translators.

Filly Artuso

For each text to be translated, our Head of Translation Services, Mrs Filly Artuso, will identify the translator most suited to your needs and the subject matter of your translation. Centoservizi will guarantee that the translated text will be delivered to you as quickly as possible, taking into consideration objective working times and our translators’ workloads. We are always careful to monitor your satisfaction so that for future jobs we can assign you the same translator who has learned to know you and knows how to give a voice to your company.

How do we guarantee the client the quality of the translation?

Centoservizi has developed a procedure to guarantee the client the best service and the accuracy of its checks.

Translators are selected according to certain constant standards:

  • each of our translators translates into his or her mother tongue, the language into which they can also render the smallest nuances of meaning, irony, metaphor, idiomatic expression and tone of the topic, in which the fluency of the text is perceived. Naturally they have a very detailed knowledge of the source language and know the cultural context of both languages, so that they can operate as veritable mediators between two worlds and two languages
  • translators are chosen on the basis of their academic qualifications (degree), refresher courses and documentable translation experiences. Their curriculum vitae and the portfolio of their works are assessed together with other professionals in our team who share the same mother tongue.
  • before being included in the Centoservizi team, each translator has to take a number of tests which are assessed by other professionals on our staff with the same mother tongue.
  • each translator has one or more area of specialisation: a translator expert in scientific language will not be assigned a fashion text, and vice versa. Awareness that in order to work with specialist languages a solid educational background is necessary is one of our fundamental values, and we prefer consultants who keep themselves constantly up-to-date in their sector.

Not only do our consultants have a qualification as translators, but they also have a documentable familiarity with the sector in which they work. They are often technical-scientific graduates who have taken up translation as a passion, and in each case attend regular refresher courses and attend international conferences to keep in step with research and innovation. To obtain a final text which conforms to the highest standards, we use glossaries created right from the first job and updated at each subsequent translation or agreed each time with the client on the basis of its feed-backs.

Technology at the service of the translation.

Becoming regular clients of Centoservizi is worth it.

Most of our translators use Cat computer-assisted translation software: this means that each professional creates and uses translation memories so that he or she can guarantee long-term uniformity in terminology and can draw from their own databases where needed.

This method guarantees considerable savings in terms of both time and cost. For example, maintenance and user manuals often present very small changes while the basis remains the same; Centoservizi will not perform a full translation each time but will only translate the new parts.

The same method can also be used for financial statements: the items that will remain unchanged from previous year will not be translated, and the text will be updated with the new parts to be translated only.

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