We have separated these types of agency, even if they often coincide within the same company, as each has its distinguishing features. Such features inevitably have repercussions on the characteristics of the translation service we provide.

Translations for advertising agencies

Specialized translations for advertising agencies

Advertising agencies have to convey advertising messages to many countries with different cultures. Such differences, especially those of a cultural nature, must be taken into consideration particularly in the translation.

Translations for communication agencies

Specialized translations for communication agencies

Communication agencies have to coordinate all communication channels to provide a standard image. This is not easy when the translated message has to be conveyed globally without running into cultural ambiguities.

Translations for Press Agencies

Translations for Press Agencies

Immediacy is very important for press agencies, as well as for those of other types. In this case, too, Centoservizi Traduzioni can help you since it has more than ten years’ experience in managing these emergencies.

Translations for web sites, WordPress and Ecommerce

Wordpress adn Websites specialized translation agency

Our experience tells us that Web Agencies always need translated texts so that they can offer their clients a “complete package” that can carry the site beyond language borders and expand the market. With our know-how in translations and the skills of our professional web designers, we can supply texts ready for page setting in PoEdit (GetText) and databases, or we can page set the web site directly in the chosen language. With our WordPress know-how and using WPML plugins, we can translate the blog or site based on this CMS into all languages, including Woocommerce products. Together with your Web Agency and your web designer we can translate into all languages also for Magento, Prestashop, SEO, XLIFF.

Some types of documents we deal with:

  • Translations of catalogs and brochures
  • Lookbook translations
  • Advertorial translations
  • Translations of press releases and press kits
  • Newsletter and magazine translations
  • Website translations, portals and blogs
  • E-commerce translations
  • Translation of videos and multimedia content
  • Translations of editorial texts
  • Translation of press reviews and articles for publication in magazines
  • Interview translations
  • Translations of magazines and publications

Other services

Centoservizi Traduzioni also provides a multilingual page layout service and printing of material in hard copy through external printing businesses.

Contattaci senza impegno, una traduzione di qualità può davvero aiutare il tuo mercato a crescere verso nuovi orizzonti!