Revision of a translation already in your possession is useful in all those cases in which you require a guarantee that a translation has been carried out perfectly using your text as a starting point. It is a useful service in cases in which the quality of the target text is high, or when knowledge of the target language by the writer is high, but not at native speaker level. Clients used to writing in a foreign language are given the guarantee of an exemplary text thank to revision by a native speaker translator specialised in their sector, who checks the fluency of a text, the presence of wrong expression and incorrectly translated terms. The translation editing service includes proofreading of the text for grammar, typing errors, spacing, syllabication, misprints of all various kinds, and the general coherence of the text and syntax.


The double check of the translation by a second translator whose mother tongue is the target language is the quality procedure used by Centoservizi on the request of the client for a total guarantee of the text, based on the “double check” principle, currently defined by regulations (UNI-EN15038:2006 European quality standard for translation services). The comparison between two mother-tongue colleagues, the translator and the reviser, allows an accurate check to be carried out on the text as a whole, on its conformity to the purpose for which it is intended, on the choice of a specific word, synonym or expression and eliminates the risk of arbitrary interpretations.


The contribution of a copywriter who is an expert in the target language is essential in advertising and marketing texts or in texts particularly rich in colour, atmosphere and rhetorical figures. In these cases a literal translation is not sufficient to convey the meaning of the text into the target language. A creative translation is needed, which implies re-writing the text in harmony with the sensibility of foreign readers. Knowledge of the cultural and linguistic source and target context is important to manage the transfer of all degrees of meaning, together with a creative ability to model the language with creativity, expression and irony. Our copywriters work in the most requested foreign languages, both alongside the translator, revising the text in the target language to adapt it to the aims of the communications, and independently, carrying out a direct creative translation. In advertising, in the case of headlines, pay-offs and strategic texts for an advertising campaign, the copywriter offers more than one translation alternative, which the client may assess in order to find the one that best expresses the sense of the original message.


As a support to translations, we offer graphic page-setting of texts in foreign languages. With the support of InDesign and the availability of files in the source language, our professionals can proceed in two ways:

  • page-setting at the same time as translation, very useful in the case of translations of manuals, to optimise costs and times and to recreate the same division into sections and paragraphs, and the use of formulas and special characters;
  • graphic page-setting of translated texts onto the desired type of support/format. In the case of magazines, newsletters, catalogues and brochures, we can proceed with a complex graphic page-setting which integrates the text and images. Essential in those languages with different alphabets (Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese) and in all foreign languages in which the risk of wrong syllabication and starting new paragraphs can damage the end result and the sense of the text.
Among the additional translation services, we also offer in-company language courses.


Centoservizi can organise customised language courses for individuals or small groups. Although we are not a traditional language school, the language skills of our professionals and their qualifications to teach foreign languages allow us to organise specific, targeted courses: intensive courses for companies, individual lessons in view of a transfer abroad, courses on the language of a specific sector to improve technical skills for company personnel, or remote conversation courses on Skype. Our office is at your disposal to assess your needs and define the best language program with you.