Italy is a country of excellence in the food and beverage industry

Our products are exported all over the world and Italian companies, even the smallest ones, need to translate documents accompanying these products (packaging, labels, menus, brochures, etc….).

Some of the most important food and beverage industry events are held in Italy with the participation of world famous brands. This is why it is essential to have quality language services available provided by qualified and competent personnel.

Wine Translating to bring Made in Italy around the world

Centoservizi Traduzioni is a language service provided by specialised interpreters and translators who know how to convey the characteristics of the products and services specific to the food supply chain (Food and Beverage brands, large-scale distribution, logistics, packaging, cold chain, restaurants and restaurateur associations, distributors and importers, specialist press, etc.).

  • Translations of catalogs and brochures
  • Lookbook translations
  • Advertorial translations
  • Translations of press releases and press kits
  • Newsletter and magazine translations
  • Website translations, portals and blogs
  • Translation of videos and multimedia content
  • E-commerce translations
  • Translations of editorial texts
  • Translation of press reviews and articles for publication in magazines
  • Interview translations
  • Translations of magazines and publications

Other services

Centoservizi Traduzioni also provides a multilingual page layout service and printing of material in hard copy through external printing businesses.