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  • Translations The unit of measurement used by Centoservizi for calculating translation tariffs is the editorial page. A page comprises 1500 characters, including spaces, in the source language, the equivalent of about 220 words. The number of pages can easily be calculated using the “Word Count” function on Office Word and the main video-writing programs. You will get a number of characters, including spaces, to be divided by 1500. The result is the number of pages of the document.
How to request a translation quote. Free and without obligation. How to calculate Word folders.
How to calculate a translation page.
  • Tariffs are influenced by certain factors:
    • source and target language
    • complexity and type of translation
    • delivery times
    • format of the text to be translated (word, pdf, hard-copy, other formats)
  • Certified/legalised translations Translations to be certified/sworn and legalised are subject to a cost in addition to that of the translation, as well as the cost of the revenue stamps to be applied.
  • Interpreting Interpreting tariffs are calculated by the day. By convention, a day is 7 working hours. The cost depends on the type of interpreting, the complexity and the type of terminology.
  • Transcriptions The transcription tariff is calculated on the basis of the audio minutes of the source file or the pages and varies according to the language and the complexity of the contents.

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